Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas and snow

Well we had our first Christmas with Michelle. The opening of presents took us a while and Michelle was way more interested in eating the paper than looking at her toys. Grandma and Tia (Mom & Anne) found this really cute turtle for Michelle. You pull down the turtle's head and it plays music and the inside spins the 3 little balls around inside it. Sally got Brian and Michelle matching TShirts for Christmas. As you can see Michelle's shirt is just a little too big for her.

We woke up today to a white wonderful surpirse. Snow and plenty of it . It started snowing Monday night/ Tuesday morning and snowed all day yesterday and into today. Brian has come home early from work the last 2 days due to the weather. I can't see the street when I look out the window but our sidewalk and front walk have been cleaned and salted. There is prbably 3-4 inches out there. Michelle also got to go outside to day and play in the she snow. She made a baby snow angel.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa Claus

Chrismas is still 2 weeks away and Santa has already been putting things under our tree. Michelle like the bright colored paper and tried to open some of her things early as we were unpacking the boxes everyone have been sending. Michelle hasn't been to see santa claus yet as seeing tring to take her to the BX is too much of a nightmare with the parking and everything. Not to mention he is only at the BX on Vogelweh where all of the toys are located. It would be nice if they would have put santa out at Ramstein too!! Oh Well that's life.

Don't forget to go visit Michelle's webcam@ and see her new play mat Grandma (Sally) sent her.