Sunday, August 21, 2005

New webpage

As you all know I sell Pampered Chef. Well now you can go on line and by products from me. My address is This was a tough dessision to make and of course I do hope that it help my business out too.
Not much else is going on in my world besides it being rainy and nasty outside

Monday, August 15, 2005

Doctors are annoying

After 2 long months I am finally allowed to resume my regular activities. I went and saw the "doctor" to day for my 8 week post preggie check up. Of course I am early, which is good. I'm waiting to sign in and the LtCol Owen, the midwife I saw while pregnant, looks at me and goes, you cancelled your appointment what are you doing here? First off, I did not cancel it , second you all screwed up. Last week while I was in the hospital getting my eyes checked I stopped by the clinic to confirm my appointment. As it goes, they stuck the appointment in one system and not the other and double booked her.

Anyway she agrees to see me since I'm early. She does the exam and then tells me to come down to her office. We sat and talked about the IUD she is going to put in so that we have no more kids for awhile. She's going over the side affects and telling me what to expect. One of the side affects of the procedure is fainting ( oh joy, was all I could think of ), which so proudly announces that she hasn't had anyone pass out on her while she was doing the procedure. I was tempted to ask her how many times she's done it but quickly changed my mind.

After all of that she give memy appointment and instructions for the day of the procedure. Which entailed me having to be up and at the hospital before 7:30AM to have a pregnancy test done and then finding something to do until 2:00PM when she is going to do the procedure. For the love of it all it does not take all morning to do a stupid pregnancy test. You can do it at home in 10 minutes and if they draw blood its just as quick. I swear that she likes to make peoples lives a living nightmare.

'Bout Time I jumped on the band wagon

It seems that the rest of the family has at least one blog to their name. Shoot even my darling daughter has her own corner of the web staked out. Here's a pic of my darling little "angel". I use the term loosely as seeing she has her moments especially when daddy is gone.

I know for a fact the Michelle's Blog is in a desperate need of being up dated. So for those of you who are behind. I'll bring you up to speed.

Michelle was born on june 16th at 3:23am. She weight 7lbs 5oz and was 20.25 inches long. When we had her into the doctor's office on the 14th of July, she weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21 inches long. Michelle is doing fine and is growing quickly. Her next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday, August 16th. She will be reciving her frst round of immunizations and shots.