Saturday, December 30, 2006

Michelle & PT

Michelle went to the doctor on Thursday. She is 32.5 inches tall and is 21lbs 4oz. She is FINALLY over 20lbs. As for her not walking independently, she has to go to West Texas Rehab for an extensive evaluation to make sure she is not "developmentally" challenged. The doctor checked her hips and nothing is wrong with them. Michelle shows no signs of developmental hip dysplasia.
I have to call and make the appointment for Michelle to got to PT for her exam, but am waiting on her letter from Tricare.

We are hoping that all Michelle's problem is her lack of self confidance or as Brian calls it her lazyness. Not too much is going on. We are trying to make room for all of Michelle's new toys in her room, including her table and chair set Grandma (Sally) got her. Pooh Bear is hanging out in the living room on the love seat.