Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Physical Theraphy

I went to the Doctor yesterday for refill for my Zertec and to have him look at my back. Thing are okay in the allergy department but the back is a whole different story. I was refered to Physical Therepy. They want meto go 3 times a week. Which isnt a huge problem. The problem is when they left the message on Brian's cell phone. They want me to start PT on Tuesday September 5th, but I will not be in town. So I have to call them in the morning to set up PT after we get back from Ohio on hte 15th of September.

On a different note. Michelle is up to 6 teeth or One hand plus one finger hehe. She has been a wee bit cranky but it's to be understood.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Up to 5

Michelle has 5 teeth now :) The fifth one is on the upper left hand side near the back. I noticed her 5th tooth today while "saving" a fuzzy from imantent doom. We did okay today since Brian worked las night. After Brian went to bed at 4pm Michelle had some quiet time before dinner while I got dinner ready for her and I. Tomorrow is payday, which means a commissary run and other fun things.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Busy Week

Boy has it been a week. On Monday I finalized and submitted my show from the weekend at the BX, which was $260 in orders. Then on Tuesday I started a class for Pampered Chef so I can grow my business and build a team. Wednesday, I spent the afternoon on the phone making customer calls and trying to get shows booked. Thursday was a quiet day. Friday the stuff came from Pampered Chef, so I had to make calls to get the orders delivered. Saturday we saw this strange wet stuff fall from the sky.... yes it rained. Today we went to the mall, BX, and commissary. Brian washed the beetle.