Monday, March 26, 2007

Little Ankle Braces

Michelle got her ankle braces last Thursday. We have been slowing working up to wearing them all day. Unfortunately we had to go get a new pair of shoes so her braces would fit. The first couple of days she wore them she didn't know quite how to walk with them on.
Along with PT once a week we have swim lessons on Monday and Wednesday nights. Michelle was a bit of a clingy monkey tonight a swim lessons since Brian didn't get in with her. We worked on blowing bubbles and "jumping" in the pool. Of course Mitchie wanted to sit down and slide into the pool. The water was a little chilly tonight which was part of her problem and I don't blame her for not liking the cooler water.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She WALKED!!!!!!!

Monday night Michelle was playing in the living room and banging on the Pudgy's cage. Which is nothing new for her to do. Then out of no where she takes off across the living room towards the TV, turns toward the kitchen, then comes back to Brian. With no help or motivations she just WALKED on her own.
So at PT yesterday I told Tammy that Michelle has been walking on her own, which is VERY good. Tammy also said the Michelle as met all of the goals Tammy had set for her. We are still waiting on the ankle braces, which I would love to have before or next PT appointment.
Not much else is going. Brian has 5 days left of ALS (thankfully) and then has a Graduation dinner next Thursday evening, which is adults only. One of our neighbors is going to come over and watch Michelle for us while we are gone. I am hoping dinner doesn't last too long, as seeing we haven't left Michelle with a sitter too often. :) I know she'll do fine while we are gone.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Color it Purple and call it Mine

Michelle has learned to say purple and the dreaded MINE. She'll pick up something, say the TV remote, and once you ask for it back she goes MINE. Ask nicely with a please may I have that back, MINE. Oh yes I think I'm going to hate MINE more than EH. I have no clue where she learned the word mine from.

As for walking, she is getting better. Wednesday at PT Michelle took some good steps on her own. Thursday morningwe went and had her feet measured for the little ankle braces. The braces will come up right above her ankle bone, which is nice. We do not know yet how long she will hve to wear them or how long each day she need to have them on. We should have the braces with in the next 2 weeks.